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Muscle biofeedback provides the opportunity to identify and unlearn muscle habits that contribute to compromise while learning how to optimize specific muscle behavior.  Muscle biofeedback services provides you with learning strategies for engaging muscles that optimize physiological function, recognize muscle habits that compromise or slow recovery, and what you can do about changing muscle behaviors with the objective of improving health and performance.  We assist you in developing awareness and identifying strategies which can help you and your body learn.


Instrumentation together with customized, one-one-one learning sessions assist you in your learning goals. We use electromyography (EMG) Instrumentation to measure physiological activity of muscles employing the voluntary nervous system. EMG instrumentation provides you with "feedback" that together with your educator helps you focus on making subtle changes in muscle activity; such as, reducing certain target muscle activation to lessoning tension or pain. Instrumentation is utilized to fine tune awareness of muscle activation; such as, accessory muscle use and muscle behaviors concerns as you move towards your learning objectives.


We use EMG instrumentation with surface electrodes to detect muscle action potentials from underlying skeletal muscles as they are activated.  Electrodes are placed over specific muscles and a signal displays muscle engagement on the computer.  The process is painless, non invasive, and for many engages curiosity about effective ways to partner with your physiology rather than being subject to it.


EMG is used to help us develop greater awareness of the way we engage muscles and how that engagement contributes to health and performance.  Goals such as reducing worry, muscle tension, pain, headache (migraine, mixed headache , and tension-type headache), lower back pain, physical recovery, temporomadibular joint dysfunction (TMD), symptoms of stress, and additional muscle related concerns and peak performance training during activities such as sitting, walking, sports, performing, and compromising breathing muscle habits are examples of where EMG can help us out.  As awareness and strategies are applied you teach your body how to unlearn certain muscle behaviors while learning strategies to improve muscle habits and related physiology are engaged.



Muscle biofeedback is an effective adjunct to breathing services for those where additional support in unlearning the use of compromising accessory muscle breathing can benefit. At Behavioral Physiology Institute we muscle biofeedback instrumentation requires with breathing measurement instrumentation for use.  At this time muscle biofeedback is offered directly at our office and no additional charge for use of instrumentation. Muscle biofeedback Instrument rental is possible for home use when certain requirements make that practical (inquire to learn more). Rates for home rental are below.

For biofeedback these instruments are rented together


Options A:

Breathing Instrument rental (10 days):

$275.00 (includes ground shipping to you).

Rental time is for the duration of the Assessment and includes shipping time.


Muscle biofeedback instrumentation (10 days):

$150.00 when included with breathing instrumentation rental

When no additional services are requested ship the instrument is returned upon completion of the assessment.


Options B:

Breathing Instrument rental monthly (30 days):

This option is used during Learning tutorials/ packages, and home learning,

$600.00 (includes shipping time),

($150.00 per wk for 4 wks or more),

($275.00 per wk when under 4 wks)

Muscle biofeedback instrumentation (30 days):

$385.00 (includes shipping time)


Muscle biofeedback instrumentation (30 days):

$450.00 per 30 days ($150.00 per wk) when included with breathing instrumentation rental.



Instrumentation can be made available for longer than 30 days upon request. Instrument rentals are available within the continental USA.


You will need to provide the following: A computer with Windows Operating System (PC system 7 or 8, Mac with Windows partition), 3 USB ports, hi speed Internet access, a USB headset with speaking capability, computer video camera (built in or external optional), high capacity audio card, Microsoft Word or a text software, or notebook for note taking, a phone. Additional supplies can be purchased as needed.



Breathing Assessment


 is a comprehensive first step to find out how your learned breathing habits may be effecting your health and performance.  Your educator assists you in a self-discovery process, where you learn about your own breathing habits and how these habits could be mediating symptoms and deficits. The in-depth interview is coupled with the use of the instrumentation, for real-time physiological monitoring instrument.


Breathing Services


Services assist you in identifying and learning about your breathing habits, as well as learning breathing behaviors consistent with good respiration. Learning sessions are based on principles of behavioral assessment, behavioral modification, biofeedback, cognitive learning, phenomenological exploration, and awareness training.



Breathing Instrumentation



We utilize CO2 igas  analysis which measures gas exchange during breathing, displays moment to moment changes for determining acid base regulation, and breathing behaviors, for example, gasping, aborting the breath, and slow or fast breathing. The use of CO2 analysis is the only effective technological means to determining if, when, where, and how a learned habit is compromising respiration.



Breathing Package


are the next step after a Breathing Habit Assessment. These 50 minute sessions with the instrumentation are about learning breathing behaviors that reinstate respiratory reflexes. Tutorials are customized to assist you in identifying self-defeating breathing habits, learning about how these habits may be triggering and perpetuate symptoms and deficits, unlearning breathing habits while learning breathing patterns consistent with good respiration.



Orofacial Myology


Neuromuscular re-education of oral and facial muscles support healthy muscle and structural behaviors essential for proper facial growth, breathing, dental development, speech development, and airway function.


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